Super amazing DIY home remedies for straight hair

Crazy Milk Sprays
Milk contains proteins that can fortify the hair shafts and reduce frizz, thereby making your hair look and feel smooth and unbelievably straight so get armed with a spray bottle . Pour some milk into a spray bottle and spray some milk on the hair strands, making sure you cover the hair all the way from the roots to the tips. Keep it on for 30 minutes with a hair towel wrapped around.
Super amazing tip - Rinse with cold water after a conditioner. 
Hot water would open up the pores and remove the conditioners effect on your lovely hair. Make it a point to rinse your hair with cold water after conditioning it as this would seal the pores and enable the hair follicles to retain the effects of the conditioner for longer periods.

Vinegar can also contribute to hair straightening. Routine washing of hair with water mixed with a few cups of vinegar will smoothen out the creases in your hair, making it look straight and silky.
Banana Hair Mask
Plain banana mixed with 2 tablespoons of honey, natural yogurt and olive oil is a great natural hair straightener. The ingredients that go into this mask will give your hair a healthy shine and can also help straighten frizzy hair.

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