Fun things to do with eggshells

Don't throw away your old eggshells !! They have many amazing different uses. Eggshells are 97 per cent calcium carbonate and contain traces of other minerals, such as phosphorous, magnesium, sodium and potassium. From kids activities to doing the dishes there's a tip here for everyone to use.

Seedling starters for children : Take an eggshell, rinse, and use the egg cartoon to store them on, add in soil and your chosen seed to the cracked egg shell it should look like a tiny mini basket. once your seeds have grown well just lift them up still in the eggshell and plant them together in your garden. This is a fun way to help children learn how to grow seeds.

Great for plants and soil  : You can crush eggshells and sprinkle them into a hole right before planting to fertilize the soil. Eggshells include lots of other nutrients that are great for plants. Just crush or grind them up and add to your compost.

Create artwork: All you need are coloured shells, card stock, a design, glue and tweezers. Crush and break the shells to the size desired and glue them together paint them or put glitter on them. This is good for kids to do.

Cleaning dishes: Use eggshells to clean pots and pans that are tough to clean. They work wonderfully as an abrasive. So get collecting your eggs shells today!!

Pests in the garden : Soft-bodied critters like slugs or snails don’t like crawling over sharp pieces of eggshell, nor do cats or rodents. keep them crushed up in large pieces around your desired plant.

Clean kitchen sink drains :  Your kitchen sink is draining sluggishly, the culprit may be built-up grease or food in the pipes. Simply place a few well-crushed eggshells in the sink trap. When you run the water, the abrasive shell fragments will travel down the drain and help scrape away clog-inducing gunk, keeping the pipes clear and water flowing smoothly.

Give them to the birds : When you set up your bird feeder this year, try this trick: Bake five eggshells in a 250°F oven until dry but not brown (about 20 minutes). Let cool, then crumble them into small pieces and sprinkle them in the feeder. The calcium-rich shells will act as a natural supplement to help female birds lay strong eggs (which are about 95% calcium) and maintain bone health. Birds can also use the shells to build nests.

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