What am I entitled to if I am recieving universal credit

Universal credit is being rolled out across the uk to replace a whole array of benefits. For most people in 2016 they will be receiving universal credit which is received monthly. I made this page to show you what you are entitled to if you are on universal credit.

Universal Credit is a single monthly payment for people in or out of work, which merges together some of the benefits and tax credits that you might be getting now. Universal Credit will replace: Income-based Jobseeker's Allowance. Income-related Employment and Support Allowance. Income Support.

Entitlement is worked out by comparing your basic financial needs that the government says you need to live on with your financial resources.
Universal Credit Basic Allowance
Your basic allowance will depend on whether you are single or claiming as a couple, and your age. There is one basic allowance for your household:
  • Single claimant aged under 25: £251.77 per month
  • Single claimant aged 25 or over: £317.82 per month
  • Joint claimants both aged under 25: £395.20 per month
  • Joint claimants either aged 25 or over: £498.89 per month

The DWP will have the ability to pay more frequently or to split payment in exceptional circumstances.

Universal Credit additional elements
There are additional elements that can be added to your basic allowance. Your household may qualify for more than one of these:
  • Child element
  • Childcare costs element
  • Limited capability for work element 
  • Carer element
  • Housing costs element

Carers Element

You can get this addition of £150.39 per month if you are caring for a severely disabled person for at least 35 hours a week. You do not have to claim Carer's Allowance to get this element.

If you are making a joint claim you can get a carer element each if you both qualify for it, but you cannot be caring for the same severely disabled person.

Child Element

Your Universal Credit will include a child element if you are responsible for a child or qualifying young person who normally lives with you.
You will receive a higher amount for your first or only child, and a lower rate for each of your other children:
  • First or only child: £277.08 per month 
  • Second and other children: £231.67 per month
There are also two disabled child additions. 
  • Disabled child addition of £126.11 per month for each child or qualifying young person that is in receipt of DLA or PIP; or
  • Severely disabled child addition of £367.92 per month if your child or qualifying young person gets the highest rate of the care component of DLA, the enhanced rate for daily living of PIP, or is registered blind

Childcare Costs Element

You can receive this if you pay for registered childcare when you go to work. There is no set number of hours you need to work. If you are part of a couple then both of you must be in work unless the non-working partner:
  • has limited capability for work or limited capability for work related activity, or
  • has regular and substantial caring responsibilities for a severely disabled person, or
  • is temporarily absent from your household (for example, they are in prison/hospital/or residential care)
You will get 70% of your childcare costs met, up to a maximum of £532.29 per month for one child and £912.50 per month for two or more children.
From April 2016 an additional £200m of support will be provided which is equivalent to covering 85% of childcare costs for households where the lone parent or both earners in a couple pay income tax.

Limited Capability for Work Element

You will get one of these if you satisfy the Work Capability Assessment (WCA). See our Universal Credit - Work Capability Assessment information.
You can get either the:
  • limited capability for work element (LCW) £126.11 per month, or
  • limited capability for work related activity element (LCWRA) £315.60 per month 
If you are making a joint claim and you both have LCW or LCWRA, your award will only include one element:
  • If one or both of you have LCWRA you will receive that element
  • If you both have LCW you will receive that element

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