The ultimate guide to waking up early

Michelle Segar, PhD, a healthy living expert and motivation scientist at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, says that to make any change in your life stick, including waking up on time, you need to clearly define why it's important to you. What's your motivation? Do you want to get up in time to have breakfast with your family, get in some exercise, or just have a few moments of reflection to be better prepared for your day? Maybe you're just tired of the stress of running late every morning. Once you crystallize your reasons, take a second step and tell your family or roommates about the change you want to make. Accountability helps as much as an alarm clock.

Picture your amazing morning, Picture yourself as the morning person you want to become: what do your mornings consist of? Are you quietly drinking your coffee on the patio? Reading a book? Doing yoga?

Lets go of morning negative thoughts, The only way you’ll succeed is if your mind remains open and free of negativity.

Early in the morning, it’s much easier to hit the ground running if you’ve made a clear plan the night before and even prepped the things that can be laid out ahead of time. Load the coffee maker, set out exercise clothes and shoes, pull up that article you want to read, or have a podcast or playlist cued up. The more items you can take off the morning’s action list, the fewer excuses you’ll have to stay in bed. And knowing that you’ve taken care of this prep work will lead to a more relaxed, restful sleep, too.

Don't pick an alarm that makes you panic the minute you heard it.

Every Single Week Get A Massage: Getting a massage is not a waste of time. Its not a cost. It’s an investment. Why? Because it will increase your circulation, it will help you get by on a lot less sleep. Its something that every peak performer should do every 7 days just to allow yourself to play at your absolute best.

Ben Franklin said it really well; he said, “There will be plenty of time to sleep when you’re dead.” So getting up early and giving yourself that 60 minute personal leadership hour !!

First, keep the bedroom sacred, i.e. screen-free. Many of us take our smartphones and tablets to bed with us—we want to watch one last video or check email one last time before hitting the sack. But sleep researchers have found that the artificial light of these screens can interrupt our internal clock and interfere with our slumber. For a restful sleep, disconnect from your devices before you go into the bedroom. Keep a book, sketchpad, or journal at your bedside so you can wind down without your devices.

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