How to create a magical dream board !!

Why not try your hand at making a dreamboard ? They have been popular with Fashion Designers, Business Owners and Hollywood Stars. A dreamboard is a bit like a mindmap, its a collage of the vision of things you would like in your life or to see happen. The board must represent exactly what you want to attract into your life.

If your not convinced here's a crazy fact to get you thinking, sports psychologists say that mentally rehearsing winning a race triggers electrical impulses in the muscles that can help fire them up and be prepared before the real thing. It also helps your brain concentrate on the things that really matter to you and makes you more likely to achieve it!
How to make a dream board
Get a kit of glue, scissors, a board, pins, tape, magazine or print stuff off the laptop. 
Set aside about an hour or so to put it together.
Think about what you really want for the year ahead if you can sum it up in mission statements then write it onto the board.
Place the images on the board the way you want including pictures with words or even paragraphs.
stick it up on a wall somewhere that you will see it everyday.
Wait on the magic.

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