Eat your way to Shiny Hair!

The roots need the right vitamins and minerals to be healthy, shiny and prevent conditions like a dry scalp, Dry hair can be caused by dehydration, lifeless hair is down to poor nutrition and hair loss can be brought on by stress. Lets take a look at what foods we can eat to improve our hair and make it shiny and healthy !

Dark Chocolate
There are so many reasons you should always say, ‘Yes’, to eating chocolate – particularly if it’s the antioxidant-rich, dark, high-cocoa variety. Need another one? The protein, iron and B-vitamins it contains are fabulous for your hair.

As well as fatty acids, fish boasts high supplies of iron and vitamin B12, both of which are essential to skin and hair health. Meanwhile, rich sources of protein and vitamin D – which you can also absorb from the sun – improve hair strength and prevent breakage.

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