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SWIG is a worldwide luxury hip flask brand. I was invited to write a review for the swig brand. The flask is made from stainless steel which has no risk of toxification unlike pewter and silver, the pouch is Genuine leather from suppliers in Walsall, Ubrique and Morar. There are many different styles to choose from such as harris tweed and heritage.
You can either add 'engraving' to your basket (one for every SWIG you want personalised) or buy a gift set (where engraving is included)


Beautytutorialsforyou was sent SWIG Executive Moulded Union Jack Flask which I think is really stylish as I am a fan of the union jack on products!  This product would make a great gift as personalisation is allowed with engravings, The presentation is beautiful. I had a lot of comments from people wanting to know where to find this flask.
We chatted to Daniel Johnson the marketing manager of swig about the company.
Where did the idea come from to start SWIG?
The origins of SWIG can be traced back to our founder
"9 months ago, David Galbraith (SWIG #00002) sold everything he owned and moved across the country to pursue his vision of making the worlds most reliable hip flask brand. So he developed SWIG. A brand that produces a seamless steel Hip Flask that can adopt a wide range of personalised genuine leather pouches."
Where do you see it going in the next few years?
The company will continue to grow and we will rapidly expand our products
Will you allow customers to customize the product ( the case)  with pictures like many products out there today?
That is something that we're looking into.
Check out the collections for yourself at  swigflasks.com/
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