Your Essential Travel Makeup Bag Guide

Fix out your makeup bag with this list of essential must haves for your makeup routine. Never be without a trick as you travel around but it doesn't have to be a huge suitcase of supplies! You can fit all your must haves in a cute little essential makeup bag or case. Go through your collection and get rid of ruined eyeliners and blushers. Let go of the old make room for the new.

Mini Bottle of Make-up Remover - To remove mistakes and smudges, Find one that suits your skin type.
Cotton Buds/Pads - To remove mistakes with makeup remover.
 Tweezers -For those unwanted hairs.
 Sharpener - One with two openings for fat and thin eyeliner/lip liner.
Eyebrow Comb - For keeping your brows in great shape when tweezing or threading.
Compact Mirror - Just in case you cant find a mirror.
Lash Curlers - Curling your lashes makes them look longer and opens up the eye. Use before applying mascara.

Next up, your makeup. You should aim to pick one favourite of every product to store in your makeup bag or aim to carry compact pallets to fit more in.

An eyeliner
A lip liner.
Your everyday foundation.
Eye shadow pallet.
A lipstick or lip-gloss.
Blusher or shimmer pallet.

Now a list of your essential makeup brushes to achieve your looks.

A pointed foundation brush.
A blush brush.
A pointed eye shadow brush.
Lip brush.

This is a selection of what I consider to be the essential make-up tools but feel free to pick and choose on personal preference.

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