The Benefits Of Taking Up Meditation

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Meditation is a practice in which an individual trains the mind or induces a mode of consciousness. People have been meditating in different cultures throughout the world for thousands of years, usually as a way of finding inner peace and becoming closer to God. 
Developing a regular meditation practice reduces the amount of stress-related chemicals in our body. A reduced stress level will also be handy if your trying for a baby, as stress can cause infertility problems.
 Scientific Evidence
Overcome stress (University of Massachusetts Medical School, 2003)
 Boost your creativity (Science Daily, 2010)
 Improve your sex life and increase your libido (The Journal of Sexual Medicine, 2009)
 Cultivate healthy habits that lead to weight loss (Journal Emotion, 2007)
 Improve digestion and lower blood pressure (Harvard Medical School
 Decrease your risk of heart attack (The Stroke Journal, 2009
 Help overcome anxiety, depression, anger and confusion (Psychosomatic Medicine, 2009
 Decrease perception of pain and improve cognitive processing (Wake Forest University School of Medicine, 2010)
Your Stories
If you have any stories about meditation then please feel free to share them in the comment section. 

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