Picstick Photo Magnets Review

Create beautiful photo magnets from pictures shared online!
Pic Sticks are high quality glossy photographic magnets. Each photo measures 50x65mm and is 0.7mm thick. They come in a grid of 9 photos that can be easily separated by tearing along the perforations or by bending and snapping. Picstick gave shimmer & sparkle the chance to review the service. First off you need to get a picstick account, you can upload photos from your facebook, dropbox etc.

 The process of uploading your pictures is really straight forward and and very efficient to use. I would recommend my readers to use picstick as the photos come out great. When you have selected 9 photos, add the sheet to your basket. You can choose to checkout at this point, or if you want, create another sheet of 9. The shipping is always free and your envelope arrives in good time!
The magnets themselves are easy to break apart, as when they arrive they are all attached together. They are perfect for keeping memories like family days out or days out with friends. They are small magnets so I wonder if maybe picstick will make bigger ones in the future?
 Use code ( SPARK25) to receive 25 % off, valid until nov the 5th.
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