Magnifibres - Review ( brush on false lashes )

Long eyelashes are so pretty, and many people choose false lashes to make themselves glamorous. Now there is a better way to achieve a false lash look without false lashes! by using magnifibres, they really do recreate the look of false lashes in about 3 minutes!! and also without causing damage to your real lashes. Yay!

Magnifibres need to be used along with your usual mascara, the mascara acts as the glue that sticks the fibres in place, they look like little feathers on your eyelashes. Then you go over the fibres again with your masacra to help them blend in to look natural. To do my review I decided to use my Flori Roberts luxury mascara. After you apply your first round of mascara you must immediately put on the magnifibres so they can stick perfectly.

At first I was sceptical about this products results, it turned out I was wrong the results are good and I will recommend magnifibres to others and give it a rating of 10/10. There so easy to apply and look like real false lashes.


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