How to use Belissimo Lips + Review

Bellissimo boutique is a fabulous place to shop online you can find fur jackets or even something for the kitchen! For us makeup bloggers there is plenty of beauty products available, one of which is belissimo lips. You can get pink, blue, red etc. Belissimo sent shimmer and sparkle a sample to review.

The sample arrived in a little cute draw string bag along with the instructions, the glue, the cotton sticks and of course the lip glitter. The glue is specially formulated for sensitive skin and is non irritating. This product is also safe to use on children.

How to use belissimo lips
1. Okay so first take off any lipstick you may have on.
2. With cotton wool bud apply to glitter to upper and lower lip, but keep lips apart or you will glue them together!
3. Apply to glitter quikly after you apply the glue, all the while still keeping lips apart.
4. Wait one minute to dry and avoid drinking or eating for 30 mins.

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