8 unconventional ways to use your lipgloss!


1. If you don't have your brow gel use transparent lip gloss to achieve a groomed wet brows look.

2. Use any colour eye shadow on your lips, then apply transparent lip gloss to make your own custom lip shade.

3. Apply transparent lip gloss to the ends of your hair to make it more manageable ( that's if you don't have styling products at hand)

4. Use a clear gloss as a highlighter, dab on your cupid bow or on your cheekbones.

5. Use your lip-gloss as an eye shadow primer, it will help your shadow stick and last longer.

6. MAKE AN EYELINER! : take a thin brush, dip it into your transparent lip gloss and draw a thin line along your lash line with it, use any colour and it should look amazing.

7. Do a normal smoky eye, then apply clear lip-gloss on top of it to get a cute wet eyes look.

8. When you tie up your hair and you have little bits sticking out, use your lip-gloss to tame them back.

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