Ellen Conlin Hair Bloggers Evening

Ellen Conlin Hair Beauty Centre hosted a fun bloggers night to show us around the shop and to let us hear about the products/services they offer,
Ellen Conlin Hair & Beauty (ECH) is a 5 Star hair and Beauty salon group based in Hyndland and Giffnock in Glasgow. I had a really good time and Id like to write about the products I got to try out and also what else happened on the night.

First off we were treated to a demonstration of the makeup by Irene & Stacey! We got to see PRIORI Coffeeberry Minerals makeup in action. The unique properties of the minerals, with their concealing coverage, is ideal for skin conditions such as Acne, Rosacea, Hyper-pigmentation, Broken Capillaries, Freckles, Sun Damage, Blemishes, Scars, Birthmarks, Varicose Veins and Dark Circles. Clinical results show a reduction in skin redness, dryness and an overall improvement in the appearance of your skin within 2 weeks. I saw the results from the coffeeberry makeup and I was really impressed. It gives smooth coverage.

Ruth having a good time - Happy
Getting my makeup done :)

We also used vitage colour minerals after the coffeeberry foundation.
Vitage is a British, advanced antioxidant skincare and colour mineral range created by professionals, I got some vitage lipgloss applied and black smoky eye shadow around my eyes. We also had a talk through the other vitage products. I was really impressed with all the mineral products.
After our makeover, we had a talk about the Nioxin hair care system, we also had our hair tested under a microscope to see the condition. Nioxin hair care system is then tailored to you to suit the needs of your hair after you have a close up look!
All the makeup products used in the demonstration can be purchased at ellen conlins online beauty shop at https://www.theechshop.com/ xx

The ellen conlin mascots getting all the attention :) 
As we got our tour around the salon we were offered drinks and bites to eat, lower pictures are of the beauty rooms there are two upstairs in the salon and they have amazing lighting in the ceiling for when they are doing treatments. You can listen to relaxing music and light candles! Id give the rooms 5 stars. Upper pictures is of the hair dressing section, again there are lovely blue ceiling lights. Down the front there is two nail bars that are really neat.    
The hairdressers put on a catwalk with models to show us their work, upper left is a 40`s inspired look then to the right alice in wonderland. Lower are both a goth/vampire look. I loved the vampire style, the plait at the back was very unusual.
My VIP goodybag :)
It was a great night, Thank you so much ellen conlin hair x

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