The school for Good and Evil & A world without princes by Soman Chainani - Review

In a land named Gavaldon, a girl named Sophie dreams of becoming a famous princess. She wants to be kidnapped and taken to the school for good and evil to have a wonderful fairy tale and also get a prince! Children are kidnapped from her town and she knows that to get to the school for good she must do many good deeds, As the children are kidnapped in two`s. Always one is evil one is good. Sophie is friends with another girl in the town called Agatha, she is has a very dark personality and couldn't really care over the school for good and evil. They both get kidnapped and taken to the school only to find that both are in the wrong school. Sophie gets put into bad and Agatha in good. At this point in the book I really loved the twist and I thought the description of the school was like Hogwarts. Over time in the schools Agatha and Sophie still manage to keep in touch and devise plans together. Sophie soon turn bitter as she realizes she's not getting the fairy tale she had planned! There's a lot of funny lines and plenty of adventure from start to finish. I'm not going to reveal any more of the plot but I can say you wont lose interest in these action packed fantasy novels. For years I have been a massive fan of fantasy and I really feel like these books are similar to harry potter. This book is a young adults book but I think it would be suitable to read to young children. It is a  New York Times Bestselling children's book. Soman Chainani will be releasing a third book as the school for good an evil is a trilogy and also there is a movie on the way. 


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