Superdrug Pink Hairspray Review

The new instant colour hairsprays from superdrug caught my eye in a magazine, I thought it was interesting as it is a wash out colour. Using dye on your hair would be more time-consuming but with these cool sprays you can pick and choose and even have 3 hair colours in one week. The sprays are available in white, black, red, pink, blue.
superdrug haircare
Instant Colour Spray - £2.99
To apply the spray your hair does not have to be wet or have anything applied to it, just spray on the desired area. For my look in the pic below I used a hairband to tie my hair at the ends and then sprayed the pink on using the band as a sort of marker. Then I sprayed a little on my fringe. Be careful not to get the spray onto your skin as you will have dyed skin ( or your eyes). And if you go out in the rain it will come out! I thought the colour would be more bright but I am still happy with the outcome. Because this product is a washout colour and does what it says it does I will rate it at 9/10. The only annoying part is getting the colour on your skin and clothes for that I take out 1 point.
pink hair
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