Healthy Nails Professional - Crystal nail file with case - Review


Every girl needs a decent nail file to make her nails wonderful, but sometimes nail files can be bad for our nails! especially when we get ridges and tears. That is why we should all change to using a glass nail file like Healthy Nails Professional Crystal Nail File. This Nail file will never become worn down, is easy to clean and will prevent chipping, ridges and nasty looking nails. The reason the Healthy Nails Professional comes with a case is because you can break your file if dropped. The case is really cute and can be put into your handbag.  

Personally I love this nail file because of the great results. On the amazon website it says it "turns your nails to dust" which it certainly does. Its faster than any other nail file I have used in the past, I would give this product a rating 10/10 and recommend this to everyone who reads my blog.


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