How to Clean your Makeup Brushes

makeup brushes

Makeup Tools can be a breeding ground for bacteria, It is best to wash them on a regular basis to prevent skin breakouts. A popular way to clean brushes is to use baby shampoo! You will need a small cup, hand towel or napkin, your sink, and baby shampoo.
Step 1
Gather all your makeup tools you would like to wash and lay them out.
Step 2
Add about a tablespoon amount of the baby shampoo into your cup or small bowel.
Step 3
Add warm water (not roasting) your shampoo should start to bubble.
Step 4
Add your brushes into the solution and swirl them around at the bottom of the cup, Sort of similar as if you are putting your paintbrush into water to get the colour off. repeat this one by one.
Step 5
Leave the brushes for a 10 second soak.
Step 6
Take each brush and rinse under a cold water tap  (hold the brush facing downwards)
After rinsing the use your fingers to shape the hairs downwards until they are back to original shape.
Step 7
Lay out your makeup tools flat on the hand towel/napkin and leave to dry. You should then have some squeaky clean brushes.

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