How to Achieve Marilyn Monroe Signature Lips

marilyn monroe

Step 1.
Apply Vaseline over your lips and leave on for 1 minute.

Step 2.
Wipe off Vaseline with a soft tissue .

Step 3.
Dab Foundation around the lip area and on your lips, this makes the line look sharp and defined and will provide a great base for the colour.

Step 4.
Draw carefully over your lip outline with a pink or red lip liner, Start at the V of the cupids bow and work your way to your bottom lip. Make sure it looks even.

Step 5.
Colour in your lips slightly with your lip pencil and use a lip brush to work it into the creases.

Step 6.
Paint on your red lipstick with a lip brush, start in the corner and work your way inwards. Blot with a tissue and repeat with another coat.
Step 7.
Apply clear gloss at the middle of your bottom lip, and press your lips together. This will create a fullness illusion. You can also use a red tinted lip gloss for this step.


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