Tape by Steven Camden ( book review)

steven camden tape
Tape was written by Steven Camden who is a spoken word artist, He`s also known as PolarBear. Tape is his first ever novel. The book follows the lives of two teenagers ( Ryan & Ameliah) who are separated by time but always connected
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When I received Tape, I thought the cover and description were intriguing, two teenagers separated by time ? And something about a tape the things that we still used in the 90`s
The story switches from ryan life then to ameliahs life and its gets you really gripped, Once you reach halfway through the book things will start to make sense. I cant give to much away as I don't want to spoil it for people who would like to read it. Stevens writing style is realistic and Im sure many teenagers can relate to the characters/events in this book. I think this book deserves to win a children's book award this year. This story will touch your heart, I cried at the end. This will be a classic and I can imagine it being read in schools in many more years to come.

* Book, courtesy of Harper Collins 
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