NapWell - The worlds first napping mask

Sleep is very important for our well being, and in modern life we often have busy schedules to keep. Alarm clocks are annoying lets face it. You just want to shut them up as soon as they start, but what if there was a silent but effective way to wake up exactly how you timed ?
Founded by Neil Joglekar and Justin Lee,
 The Napwell is the world’s first napping mask. It helps you nap more efficiently by
reducing “sleep inertia” (that lousy post-nap feeling of headache/grogginess/lack
or motivation to do anything).
Sleep inertia occurs when you’re abruptly awakened in the middle of a sleep
cycle, and the Napwell helps solve this problem by gently waking you from sleep
via a simulated sunrise.

The Napwell works by allowing you to set the duration of your nap and then
before you wake up, it's luminous interior gradually brightens to wake you up naturally. No horrible alarm clock sounds! The napwell is still in production at the moment but so far the founders have had a great response from the public such as, nurses, doctors , army officials and log shift workers. 

Interview with Niel Joglekar
 Will the Napwell mask be available in different colours and designs in the future ? 
We are currently experimenting with different colours, designs, and the ability to completely customize the front.
 Do you think this mask could be used on really young children ? such as 3 year olds. For  example getting kids up to school in the morning ?
This is an interesting point - something that will probably have to come in a future iteration. Great idea!

And would you make the mask smaller to fit younger users?

The mask is velcro so it is easy to resize for almost any face.
When will the Napwell masks be available in store?

 The Kickstarter is international and we expect to ship in September.


 Napwell is being backed on kickstarter, check out the page here >

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