How To start your Own Beauty/Fashion Blog

So you want to get started on your own fashion, lifestyle, travel or beauty blog? And need some advice? Then here is your Step by Step guide I have compiled to make it easier for you to get your blog up and running in no time :)
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Step 1. Figure out the type of blog you want to run, Food , Fashion , Travel etc. Or you could even a mix of a few subjects, as a few beauty/fashion bloggers have a travel section as well. Once you have figured out your Subjects you should think of a name that will suit your new blog. A lot of bloggers have the names matching the subject they post about such as ( jennifersfoodblog, oliverstravels, lipglossiping ) You don't need to have the blog name relevant to your subject but the name is often the first thing people see and it gives an impression. So you don't want something really weird.

Step 2. Register your blog name with a free hosting service such as wordpress, blogger, weebly etc. Or you could even buy your own domain ( godaddy ). Also you have to remember that your chosen blog name could already be taken, so you will need to rethink it. Once you have your url set up you need to start thinking about the design, colour and layout.

Makeup Blogger, Maybe ?

Step 3. If your a newbie to website design/HTML this could be tricky step for you to understand, First off you need to think of your "header" which is the image at the top of your page that displays your website name. Some bloggers go for a plain header with the blog title only or you can add in graphics. Headers can be easily found on line that you can take and use, but I would recommend making your own one to suit your blog style. You can make them using your own graphics from your computer in a photo edit website or you can simply use " paint " on your computer to put it together. The other option is to pay a layout designer to design your blog and they will make a matching header for you! To learn more about how to make a header in paint and other layout/blog tutorials go to my Graphics/html page.

Step 4. Your blog host should have a dashboard where you can configure your layout, such as the colours, font and width of your blog. You can mess around with the theme and see what looks good for you. On blogger you have a few different pre made layouts you can use, and you can also customise them which is a real help opposed to actually coding the entire page. On most blog hosts you can add your own html widgets, so you can add your instagram , twitter, bloglovin etc. You should also add in a follower widget such as google plus, bloglovin counter or GFC. You should showcase your "most read" posts in your layout sidebar that way your visitors can have access to your best content.

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Step 5. Content is key, if you don't have any interesting posts how can you expect followers and comments ? With a blog you really have to keep it updated with good quality posts with good quality pictures. A reader will easily get bored and just go elsewhere. Make sure you make your posts informative, useful and full of links and relevant pictures. Also run a spellchecker when you create each post after all we are not perfect writers. There are lots of photo edit sites such as ipiccy, fotor, pixlr, where you can edit your pics too add writing on them or make them more attractive. Do not add too bright or shaded pics ever.

Step 6. Promote your blog on twitter! Add your link to posts and use a lot of hastags# or tweet other bloggers your link. You will soon build up a following and get readers this way. Add your url to search engines or even add it to your signature when you send emails. You will soon be on your way as a blogger!

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