Save The Blow Dry - Queen of Shower caps - Review

Are you annoyed about wearing a shower cap and then your hair gets a little wet anyway? Well The queen of shower caps has arrived. Gaining popularity by the minute on beauty blog`s and numerous other social media sites, Save the blow dry is really saving our blow drys! Read my review below :)

Keeping you dry - 100 % guarantee :)
 "The design is super cute and girly and the packaging is cute too, I have really long hair so I tied it up before using the cap. During sitting in the bath I was so sure that the back of my hair had gotton wet ( as it usually does ) But when I finally removed the cap there was nothing! Not even frizz. Now thats what I call results. The only thing is I would like to purchase this cap in diffrent colours or designs for friends and family. So I hope Save The Blow Dry Makes more. Overall I would give this 8/10 because I found the cap too tight round my head but I guess thats the point to keep the water out. Lmao"

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