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HAIR NATION is an Australian hair brand that is expanding around the world at the moment. They also offer women daily tips and news on hair from around the world. Their product range offers fantastic home hair care products that enable women, (and men), to achieve beautiful hair at home and in addition to their salon services. Hair Nation supplied my blog with gold drops serum, so I can let all my readers know the wonderful benefits of using this product.

Gold Liquid Serum

The main ingredient of interest is the Buriti Oil, A highly prized oil in the Amazon for its many benefits! Containing oleic acid, linoliec acid, palmitic acid, and tocopherols (vitamin E.) With high levels of anti-oxidants from the vitamin E and beta-carotene, Used on hair it moisturizes, strengthens, and smooths the hair, creating shine and reducing frizz. The gold drops serum is a non greasy treatment and will not leave your hair dry. To use gold drops apply to slightly damp towel-dried hair by dispensing a small amount of serum into the palm and rubbing the hands together. Apply to the midlenghts to ends first, followed by a light application to the top of the hair. Blow dry or style as normal.

My Results!

"After using Gold drops by hair nation I noticed an instant change in my hair, it was less frizzy and more smooth and straight. This is the best hair care product I have came across in 2013, Im so impressed the serum is so easy to use and does not require a lot of time to apply. I love the gold colour to the serum, it makes the product look high quality. I can also tell you that the results are high quality!Because this product works for me I would be interested in trying and seeing more from the hairnation range. In the future I hope to see this product in major uk stores and I would also gives this a rating of 10/10"

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