Review of beauty kitchen bath bomb & body scrub

Beauty kitchen are a Glasgow company, who specialise in making 100 % natural beauty products. They are made up in the beauty kitchen and then ready to sell. You can also have a beauty kitchen experience where you can pick your own ingredients and enjoy creating a natural beauty product that you can take home! For more information check out

They smell sooo nice!

Courtesy of Beauty Kitchen I'm getting to review a lavender bath bomb and a honey body scrub shown in the picture above. Beauty Kitchen attended an event I went to, before meeting them I had heard about beauty kitchen but I didn't realise that all the products where 100 percent natural. The lady at the stall told me they don't need to label it natural and also said about all the harmful ingredients that can be present in today's beauty products. After a live demonstration of a body scrub getting made up I also got to try a body spray which was gorgeous. Then Beauty Kitchen gifted me the body scrub and bath bomb that I am about to review, And they also gave me an invite down to see the beauty kitchen and make up my own product ! Exciting !!

The Beauty Kitchen Stall <3

"The lavender bath bomb was amazing, it was small but it really fizzed up the bath and after the scent was everywhere. Very powerful . I would recommend beauty kitchen bath bombs to anyone.  10/10. The Inspire me himalayan body scrub with lemongrass and spearmint, wild flower honey with a moisturising base oil, had the most amazing strong fragrance. When used on the skin I thought it would be rough like grains of sand but surprisinly it was soft! I would give this product a 7/10."

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