Cocoa Brown Fake Tan + Tough Stuff Review

marissa carter - cocoa brown
Pink for a princess <3
Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter is the innovative and revolutionary tanning range taking over the Irish tanning market and now available in the UK! Before I was gifted these products by cocoa brown I had heard a lot on twitter about how good the results are! So I was excited to do this review. Cocoa brown has won multiple industry awards and I have read a lot of reviews on other blogs, girls are saying how nice the packaging is and I totally agree.

Always use a tanning mit for best results.
So before you get started using your 1 hour cocoa brown tan there is a few tips on the back of the can such as , A small amount of petroleum jelly through eyebrows. This prevents the tan from discolouring your eyebrows + If you have dark circles around your eyes, a little bit of petroleum jelly will stop the tan from further darkening the area. If you also have a look at the website there is so much more helpful advice! Check out this clip featuring Marissa..

"I would give this 1 hour tan product a 10/10 for quality and great results, I found that the application was easy and there was no smell whatsoever from the tan before and after putting it on my skin. The results where instant and not orange !!! I would highly reccomend cocoa brown to any girl wanting a fake tan. Also cocoa browns tough stuff prepares your skin for putting on your fake tan and also when you have tan that you want to remove you can use tough stuff to scrub it off. I would give this a 5/10 just because my skin is sensitive to this, but other girls might rate it higher."

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