Tips & Tricks for applying blusher.

When you over apply your blusher, do not take a wipe or makeup remover to it, this will only make it look worse! Instead what to do is take some loose powder close to your skin tone and gently cover up the areas you want to hide/blend in. Problem solved!

For a little bit of shimmer, blend in some shimmer dust of your cheekbones once you have applied your blusher.

Match your lip colour to your blush colour for a dramatic effect.

Do not use your blusher brush for powder or anything else, always keep a blush brush separate and if you ever get those small blusher brushes that come with make up sets your best just to throw them away, makeup pros use full size blusher brushes for better effects.
To make your blusher more natural looking apply it BEFORE you apply your foundation.

Look into the mirror and smile, this helps you find the apples of your cheeks.

For an instant tired eyes pick me up sweep some blusher lightly over your eyelids.

To bring your cheekbones out use a skin coloured liquid blusher under your cheekbones, then sweep your usual blusher powder over your cheekbones.

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