My pink nailpolish Chat to Leanne Scott, Nail Designer & Busines Owner.

Buffer Zone Nails is rapidly turning into the most popular etsy store to buy nails! Since Leanne opened up her business it has just went from strength to strength, But there is a reason why ! Leanne is very dedicated to her craft and always works on new designs/ideas.

So how long have you been interested in nails ?

"I've always done nail art from being a child, my friends and even my gran were 'willing' models."

Can you make personalised designs and requests ?

"I certainly do customised nails, off anyone wants one of my designs in a different colour ill try my best to make them, or if they want a new design and show me pictures I can usually come up with something."

cute pink nails!!!

little diamonds!!

Stunning patterns!!
As well as false nails you can also buy amazing 3d nail art from buffer zone nails, You can get stars, hearts and even butterfly's! 

 Check out my nails I got from Buffer Zone! French manicure style with a black and pink design, Must say they are very realistic and last for soo long xx

Images : Top 3 - bufferzonenails
Bottom: personal shimmer-sparkle

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