My pink nail polish Interviews Patrice From Peaches Boutique

So Patrice tell us how did the idea for peaches boutique come around?

"I was always been obsessed with jewellery and fashion. I wanted to start my own business so that's when I decided why not open up a jewellery boutique, I ran the idea by Linessa over dinner because we've always dreamed of opening a business together. To cut a long story short a few days later Peaches Boutique was born. We wanted our jewellery to be different quirky, trendy, fun, chic and fashionable, we wanted people to be amazed by our jewellery and most of all stand out from everyone else."

So before peaches was born what did you get up to ? and where you always interested in fashion design/business?

"Before opening Peaches Boutique I studied Business, Media and Journalism at the university of Hertfordshire. I've always been interested in fashion, I get high off fashion. I keep myself up to date with all the latest trends, designer collections and I also have a fashion blog. I'm pretty hands on, I like designing, drawing sketches and coming up with new ideas. We launched a handmade with love collection last year and all the pieces were designed and handmade by us. It done really well so we're actually in the process of designing a canvas tote bag collection with cute girly quotes and pictures !!"

ahh a true fashionista!! What is your fashion inspiration drawn from ?

"Everything really, it doesn't really matter what it is if I can see beauty within it then I'm inspired by it. I'm inspired by beauty, love, life, fashion, friends, family. I'm inspired by things which are different and beautiful."

Patrice shows us her 5 favorite things she owns from Peaches Boutique that she`s currently obsessed with!

Knuckle Midi Rings 

Emerald Oversized Cross Necklace.

Gold and Pink Chrome Iphone Case.

Candy Coloured Chic Purse.

Gun Tights.

Check it out -

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