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Appointedd is every busy woman’s dream come true. It’s a dynamic deal booking and review website for the hair, beauty and spa industry. They target Scotland's best kept secrets when it comes to the salons and spas they want to feature - those salons you tell your best friends about.
Customers using Appointedd can access deals and offers for salons, make guaranteed appointments and read reviews from likeminded people in order to make an informed choice. Appointedd enables its customers to place bookings wherever they are, online at
Shimmer & Sparkle got to interview the founder Leah, Heres what she has to say....

So tell us a bit about your background ?

" I’m an ex magazine editor who is excited by the limitless possibilities that exist online. I was made redundant from my position as editor of Home Plus Scotland magazine in 2009, and decided to freelance as a copywriter in the short term while I looked for jobs. I was lucky that I had made some great contacts while at the magazine and so was able to quickly build up a portfolio of clients that meant I didn’t need to look for full time work. "

So why did you decide to start ?

" While I really enjoyed working for the independent companies that became the mainstay of my client list, the experience made me yearn for the creative control (and challenges) that running your own business brings. I realised that this might be the chance for me to progress a business idea that I had had over a year before but hadn’t had the time to develop."

So how did you move forward with your business idea ?

"At this point, there were no businesses offering access to deals and offers online, so there was a gap in the market that Appointedd could fit perfectly. I researched the idea and looked into what my target market actually wanted. The answer was a portal that they could trust to recommend a salon that suited them. A site that could tell them where to go for the best cut, and where to go for the cheapest. Appointedd enables them to choose the best option and book it there and then - often at a reduced price."

What do you hope appointed will be like in the future ?

 "I hope that Appointedd becomes the go-to website and app when we busy women want to make salon appointments. We want to take the faff out of booking salon appointments and accessing deals - I think this will be the thing that sets us apart from our competitors. I also look forward to supporting the salon industry with the cutting edge business management tools we have developed for them. We feel that the industry has been churned up by the daily deals websites and we want to give them a way to connect with potential customers is in a meaningful way without being forced to slash their prices. We want to really champion the creativity that is occurring in the British hairdressing industry and we feel we're perfectly placed to deliver that."
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Interviewee : Leah Hutcheon 
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