Amphora Aromatics - new facemask range

Amphora aromatics have a new facemask line and sent beautytutorialsforyou a set to test!  Dead Sea - Cooler Deep Cleansing Face MaskRosie Glow - Deep Cleansing Face Mask and Star Glow - Skin Polisher Face Mask

They are in little sachets that are sold at £1:50 each and you can also bulk buy online if you wish.
First off the dead sea mask it contains Witch Hazel extract a great anti-inflammatory and astringent to help tighten skin and of course dead sea salts! Also has sweet almonds and loads more fab ingredients. I think this mask was very cooling and brightening.
The rosie glow mask  has one of my favourite ingredients, Rosehip Oil which is high in vitamin C and has great rejuvenating and regenerating properties. Bentonite Clay is in there as well draws out impurities, helping unclog pores and absorb excess oil, clearing congested skin and can help to tighten fine lines and wrinkles. I think this mask is sweet and powerful.
The star glow mask has Aloe Vera soothes and moisturises skin, helping prevent acne breakouts.
Vanilla Extract - a great source of B vitamins to promote healthy skin.
Sunflower Oil  high in vitamin E. Helps lock in moisture and keep skin feeling soft, and loads more ingredients you can read the full list on the amphora website please note always read the label incase of allergies!

I have always loved amphora aromatics products, its worth taking a look at the website to see what else they have at www. - this is the best for people who love natural ingredients in their beauty products, I also reviewed a seaweed eye makeup remover from amphora you might be interested in.

How to get rid of pregnancy stretch marks

Stretch marks after pregnancy can upset some ladies, after all the changes and ups and down it can be hard to have a changing body. Here are some tips to help your stretch marks heal, some woman are very lucky almost all of the stretch marks disappear in time but please remember that having these marks are beautiful it is a sign you have given life to another and lived your life. Be proud of what you have accomplished. It is ok after pregnancy to use remedies to help the stretch marks heal a bit but then again some woman prefer to just leave it to nature. It is totally up to you. You should never be ashamed of you scars/marks.

castor oil
  1. apply some castor oil to the stretch marks and gently massage the area in circular motions for 5 to 10 minutes.
  2. Wrap the area with a thin, cotton cloth. Using a hot water bottle or a heating pad, apply some heat to the affected area for at least a half an hour.
  3. Repeat this process daily for a minimum of one month to notice positive results.

Potato juice is rich in minerals and vitamins. It promotes restoration and growth of skin cells. Cut thick slices of a medium-sized potato. Take one of the potato slices and rub gently on the stretch marks for a few minutes. When the juice gets dried, wash the affected area with lukewarm water.

To get rid of stretch marks, egg whites are beneficial as they are rich in proteins and amino acid. Extract whites of two eggs. Whip it with the help of a fork. After washing the affected area with clean water, apply a thick layer of egg whites with the help of a brush. Let it dry completely and wash it off with cold water. After this, apply some olive oil to moisturize the skin. For two weeks, continue the process daily for better results.

Take two-three apricots. Cut them and remove their seeds. Grind them to form a paste. Apply the paste directly on the stretch marks. Leave it for 20 minutes. Then, rinse it with lukewarm water. Follow the process for one month and see the promising results.

Vitamin K is helpful in preventing scars on dermis. Vitamin K is present in green vegetables, like cabbage, spring onions, pickled cucumber, etc. Make a salad of all these vegetables and consume it daily to get rid of stretch marks.

  • Consume protein, zinc and Vitamin C rich foods in abundance. Green salad, milk, fish, nuts and citrus fruits help a lot in diminishing stretch marks.
  • Do yoga and other physical exercises on the regular basis.
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